A Creative dimension for the world fashion system

A single Management Center from which the procurement of natural raw materials is also followed through the procurement, listing and their contracting on all markets.

14 Sales Offices work alongside our Customers in Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Balkans, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, UK, USA West Coast, USA East Coast, China and Far East.

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Each button represents a “project”, a creative one, technically, and productivelly, a commercial and logistic one.

Supervision both in planning and in production, continuous exchange and flow of information between the different company areas, proposals, ideas, advice, support for the Client, communicating experience to the Clients to offer reliability.

For each material, shape and colour we know its features, history and what it can offer, within which aesthetic frame it can be most valued.

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We are present at the Milan, Monaco, Barcelona, Paris, London, Porto and Stockholm fairs.