We access every single corner on the planet with new materials and original proposals, admired for their engineering, for the experience and the technological innovation they show and sustained by prompt and punctual logistics at the service of workshops of a completely globalized network of world producers.

We want to anticipate and guess the aesthetic project of our Client , offering what they need in order to carry out his creations, just as they conceived them.

Offering quality becomes our “mental attire” throughout the whole cycle, from the sourcing of raw material to production and the related commercial activities.

An historical archive is our tangible heritage, a precious source of inspiration and constantly updated.

Prototypes and Samples are made with manual and craft processes in the Saccolongo, Padua plant.


Buttons produced


Quality Controls


Buttons produced in one day


Dedicated to Research and Development



  • Sustainability90%

The initial choice to use natural raw materials, coming from renewable sources such as corozo, whose collection derives from spontaneous and periodic vegetations, continued with the mother-of-pearl, the horn, the wood always conferred by unprotected and cultivable species, using gradually increasingly natural colors and pursuing, with the exclusive and original EURA® material, the elimination of chemical pollutants in every process.

Since 1982, all the water used in every production activity, including that used in dyeing and tumbling, is purified, and reused, in a "closed cycle" path, without any release into the external waste.

Economic participation in film productions of great relevance as "Before Happiness" on the theme of mental health and "Infernet" on the consequences of a non-conscious use of the web, alongside public institutions at the most important international festivals.

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